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Coil/Spring Elements




Coil / Spring / Spiral Type Metallic Heating Elements


Coil / Spring / Spiral Type Metallic Heating Elements finds applications in various kinds of Furnaces and ovens. The can be installed in grooves or can be installed on tube depending upon the requirement of furnaces. These can be also be embedded in vacuum formed ceramic fibre boards. These are normally used in all types of heating furnaces like Heat Treatment Industry, Petrochemical, Mining Industry, Engineering Industry.

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EM EM designs and manufactures coiled resistance wire heating elements for virtually any make or model of furnace or kiln.  In addition to heating elements, EM EM provides a variety of heating element support systems to ensure long service life and proper furnace operation

The coils can be made of following materials

1. Nichrome alloy - Ni/Cr - 80/20 or 60/15.

2. HTHR M .

3. HTHR N1.

4. HTHR N2.


6. FeCrAl Alloys.

7. Kanthal Alloys.

Wire - 0.2 mm dia to 8 mm dia are used for various applications

Key Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Higher Life
  • Custom Built

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Wire Element Data

  • Has EM EM supplied these elements for you previously?
  • How many elements do you need?
  • If EM EM has never supplied these specific wire heating elements for you before, please answer as many of the following technical questions as possible:

Technical Questions:


What is the maximum operating temperature of your furnace or kiln? 


What is the furnace supply voltage?  (Volts and Hz)


What is the number of phases connected to your furnace? (1 or 3)


What is the supply current per phase? (Amps)


What is the total connected heating power? (KW or KVA)


What is the element voltage? (Volts)


What is the element current? (Amps)


What is the total number of elements in this furnace?


How many elements are connected in series?


How many parallel branches of elements?


What is the wire gauge of the element, if known?


How long is the element tail (terminal end)?


Is the element tail (terminal end) Single, Double, or Triple stranded?


If the element tail is Single, please descibe the terminal end.


What is the outside diameter of the coiled wire element?


What is the overall stretched length of the element wire coil?


Is the element installed on a ceramic tube or in a grooved furnace wall?


If installed on a ceramic tube, what is the outside tube diameter and overall tube length?


How many ceramic tubes are used per element?


If element is installed in groove what is the groove diameter and groove length?


How many grooves are filled by each element?

Please answer as much questions as possible rest our experts will find out. These elements are normally built as per the design / drawing provided by the customer. If you do not have design or details of existing element please get in touch with us. Our experts will help you designing the proper element by analyzing details like Power  (KW), Maximum temperature etc.

Furnace Manufacturer India
Industrial Furnace and Oven manufacturer for all Applications such as heat Treatment, melting and other heating applications.

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Furnace Manufacturer India
Industrial Furnace and Oven manufacturer for all Applications such as heat Treatment, melting and other heating applications.